DIY Manuka Honey Face Mask Good Enough for Victoria Beckham!

It’s true, the world is obsessed with face masks! In a recent report on the top beauty-related searches around the globe, “face mask” came out on top. Women the world over have an urge to cover their faces in whatever they believe will make them emerge brighter, younger, cleaner, fresher. It’s a tradition that transcends borders.

And despite advances in face mask products, many beauty fanatics still raid the kitchen cupboard for traditional DIY skincare solutions.

In a recent interview with, fashion forward Victoria Beckham tells of her go-to ingredients to reduce puffy eyes after a hard day’s work.

"I learned this in LA: you mix manuka honey with organic oatmeal and egg white. Mix it all together and put it on your face for a few minutes, and it’s amazing. But it’s got to be Mānuka honey, not regular honey. And it’s got to be organic oatmeal."
Victoria Beckham,

Victoria Beckham Manuka Honey Face Mask

It’s not just Victoria Beckham who won’t use anything BUT Mānuka honey! It’s also a firm favourite of Kourtney Kardashian, Katie Piper, Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow to name but a few.

Mānuka honey is great for those with blemish prone skin or skin prone to redness, as it can help calm irritation, reduce redness and fight bacteria with its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory properties.

Honey isn’t just known for its antimicrobial activity, honey also creates a moist, healing environment and has the ability to absorb and retain moisture, therefore helping keep skin hydrated. The moisturising effect of Mānuka Honey on the skin also helps with elasticity and texture, making it a multi-benefit skincare ingredient.

For DIY Mānuka Honey face mask recipe inspiration take a look at Beauty Blogger Sarah, from Just Sarah xoxo blog here for 5 easy-to-prepare face masks that will leave you with soft, clean and nourished skin.

DIY Manuka Honey Face Mask

And if a DIY face mask is not your cup of tea, try one of the many Manuka Doctor Mānuka Honey face mask formulas, packed full of natural ingredients from the hive to help fight blemish prone skin, or plump and firm ageing skin.

The iconic Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Rejuvenating Face Mask is a deeply hydrating luxurious formula which is quickly absorbed, disappearing into your skin instead of sitting on the surface. Featuring collagen boosting and nourishing Mānuka honey plus Purified Bee Venom to nurture natural cell regeneration and renew damaged skin cells. Then blended with Hyaluronic Acid, Avocado Oil and Vitamin E, this rich restoring mask helps to naturally fight wrinkles whilst giving skin an indulgent moisture soak.

Manuka Doctor Face Masks

Other masks within the Manuka Doctor range –

ApiRefine Illusionist Rapid Lift Mask to plump, firm and lift within 10 minutes of application.

ApiRefine 24K Gold and Manuka Honey Facial Peel lifts tired, dull complexions and visibly boosts skin's glow.

ApiClear Purifying Facial Peel works well on blemishes, blackheads and even sun damaged skin to dramatically improve skin tone and radiance.

If you are new to our blog you might be wondering why Mānuka honey is raved about by so many beauty gurus across the globe. Well here’s the reason why, Mānuka honey is created by bees who feed on the Mānuka bush, which is native to New Zealand.

The nectar from the Mānuka Bush is known to have significant levels of non-peroxide antimicrobial activity. This is what makes Mānuka honey a special honey. When looking for true Mānuka honey, look for an MGO rating on the front of the pot, this represents the mg per kg of MGO (Methylglyoxal) and the related strength of Antimicrobial Activity.

Also make sure you look for the 'New Zealand Made' logo on the pot. Manuka Doctor is proud to be a New Zealand company whose hives and packing facility are in New Zealand and only sells 100% New Zealand Honey.