Our beekeepers look after our 300 million+ bees & 10,000+ hives to ensure that we create a sustainable and ethically responsible product.

We work together to ensures bee health and wellbeing by investing in bee breeding programmes of queen bees for the ongoing generation of bees to enable both future honey production and pollination of other food sources.


Harvested in clean, green, Non-GMO New Zealand nature ensures honey purity: we work with New Zealand nature. Bee hives are placed in throughout New Zealand, close to our rural Manuka plantations.


We have planted over 1 million Manuka seedlings to ensure Manuka supply for the future. We’re working on planting more trees and turning marginal farmland areas into established Manuka forest.


Current packaging is recyclable and/or reusable with a focus on responsible packaging with reduced waste. We are transitioning to recycled PET packaging and are always looking for new and innovative packaging solutions to ensure that we operate in the safest and most sustainable way we can with the least environmental impact possible.

We are proud to be the first and only honey company globally to carry the “R.A.W” Certification mark. R.A.W. certification guarantees best practices for harvesting and producing honey and ensures minimal processing throughout the supply chain.


Our enduring investment into our communities to support people in need and in particular the future generation of kids.