Introducing Dr Michelle Braude

Here at Manuka Doctor HQ we are proud to be supported by a host of experts from the different fields of nutrition, medicine and science.

This Autumn we are very proud to add another face to our expert panel with doctor, nutritionist, author and Instagram star Dr Michelle Braude.

Born in sunny South Africa and raised in London, Dr Michelle is a qualified medical doctor who trained at University College London (UCL), and also completed a BSc degree in Nutrition at King’s College.

Instead of pursuing hospital medicine Michelle chose to combine her academic qualifications with her personal passions for all things health, wellness and nutrition, and started her own nutrition practice called The Food Effect in 2012.

Through her London based practice Michelle helps countless people change their health and well-being, and ultimately their lives, through optimum diet and nutrition - all in a manner that still allows them to enjoy life and most importantly delicious food!

Her first book “The Food Effect Diet” was serialised by The Times UK and has received 5 star reviews from readers around the world who have transformed their lifestyles with Dr Michelle’s help.

Thanks to the success of her clients and books Dr Michelle now has over 17,000 followers on Instagram, where she has built up a huge community thanks to her everyday tips, recipes, and health advice.

We are pleased to say that Dr Michelle is a big fan of Manuka honey and will be reviewing many of your favourite Manuka Doctor honey, supplements and skincare products over the coming months.

You can ready more about Dr Michelle on her website here or follow her on Instagram at