Manuka Doctor – proudly certified as Kosher to comply with Jewish dietary requirements

We are proud to confirm that for another year, Manuka Doctor has been inspected by the Orthodox Rabbinate of New Zealand.

As a company whose food products are produced in New Zealand itself, we have been certified by the United Orthodox Hebrew Congregations of New Zealand, based in Auckland, who have issued us with a Certificate of Kashrut.

This certificate, signed by supervising Rabbi Nathanel Friedler, confirms that all Manuka honey produced by us are Kosher and Parve (except for Passover) and allows us to use the “Kiwi Kosher” logo.

We are committed to meeting the standards our customers expect, and as well as the Kiwi Kosher standard Manuka Doctor is also part of the prestigious New Zealand Fernmark scheme.

You can read more about this on our blog here.