Mānuka Honey & Vanilla Hot Toddy

The origin of a Hot Toddy is largely unknown, many believe it originated from Scotland, where the warm whisky-infused drink would help ease cold winter nights. Others believe it was first drunk in India and comes from the Hindu Tārī, a drink made from the sap of the toddy palm. Later made into an alcoholic drink. The British loved it so much, it quickly made its way to the UK.

Mānuka Honey & Vanilla Hot Toddy

We’ve added Vanilla to the basic Hot Toddy recipe, it has been touted as a great companion for brown liquors and fills the mouth with delicious warmth with every sip.

The Hot Toddy has been used for many years as a Winter warmer drink, helping to see through coughs and colds. The Whisky acting as a decongestant, whilst the Mānuka Honey soothes the throat and the spices and warm steam helps relieve symptoms further.

Serves 1

1 tablespoon of Mānuka honey
1 Anise star
1 cinnamon stick (preferably Ceylon, otherwise Cassia),
25ml of Scotch Whisky
1/4 teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
1 slice of Lemon
200ml of warm water

Whisk the Whisky and the Mānuka Honey together in a mug or heatproof glass. Add the Anise star and Cinnamon stick and pour in the warm water. Squeeze the lemon and drop it into the glass. Finally, stir until the Mānuka honey melts, making a smooth Hot Toddy.