Three Wellness Tips You Should Try for Fall

Fall is an amazing time of the year.  Our children go back to school; the weather becomes more manageable; beautiful changing leaves bringing more than just green to our lives and so much more depending on where you live.  Many people go back to work and that brings a certain energy back into our lives.

But, it also brings some challenges.  Autumn can bring on a host of allergy symptoms that make many people uncomfortable particularly those with allergies to ragweed.  This generally starts in mid August and can last until the first hard freeze so again, depending on your location, this can last for months.

While who doesn’t enjoy an Indian summer, this can also be a cause of lingering allergy symptoms.  This brings us to mold spores which get released when it is dry and windy or very humid - a fall phenomenon.

Raking leaves can stir agitating pollen and mold into the air.  And children can be allergic to chalk dust, and classroom pets; amongst other things.

So, with all of this peril around us, here are some suggestions as to what to do to make your life more enjoyable.

  1. Get Your Home Ready: get a good humidifier as the heat will dry your skin out; B. Make sure to keep shoes out of the house; C. Wipe the dog or cat down if they go outside to keep pollens out of the home; D. Shampoo your hair at night to get the allergens out and not bring them into the bed; E - time to change the filters in your HVAC units
  2. Get Your Kitchen Ready: Fall is also what I call “eating season.” Many major holidays occur this time of the year.  It is a time of celebration so, if you don’t’ want to be the majority of people who gain over ten pounds during this season, make sure to do this: A. have healthy foods in the house; B. Stock up on vegetables as the picking get slim as the year wanes.  Do what I do and cook them ahead of time and freeze them - some people even still jar foods to enjoy this season’s bounty for months.  Go into the pantry and throw away any junk foods and processed foods.  D. look for healthier ways of preparing some of your favorite holiday foods.  E. Perhaps start new traditions. F. Indulge on the day of the holiday - not the week before and the week after.  G. Give left-overs to those less fortunate.
  3. Get Your Immune System Ready: this is a challenging time of the year as many of us move indoors and along comes cold/flu and pneumonia season.  Take plenty of vitamin C, D and A - more when you notice the first symptom of not feeling well.  B. Use manuka honey every single day - 1 tablespoon each day ought to do the trick.  And not just any honey will do - it must be manuka honey as this particular type of honey has medicinal qualities.  It has a very specific active ingredient found in no other type of honey that makes it anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and is loaded with anti-oxidants.

Following these few tips will ensure you safe passage to winter.

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