Why is gold so good for skin?

Go for Gold with the Manuka Doctor 24K Gold & Manuka Honey Face Oil

Our ‘Tried, Tested and Loved’ Face Oil not only provides a subtle gold shimmer, which illuminates skin and highlights facial contours. It’s also clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and improve skin radiance. After just one application skin is visibly nourished, smooth, revitalised, brighter and more radiant. After 28 days use skin appears more younger looking and feels more even, firmer and well moisturised.

"An absolute godsend for the days I don’t want to wear makeup-up but still want my skin to glow"
Natalie Lukaitis, Beauty Journalist for Elle magazine

A finalist in the Pure Beauty Magazine Global Awards 2019 the 24K Gold & Manuka Honey Face Oil is one of our best-selling products highly rated by customers and beauty experts alike.

"The subtle gold shimmer gave our face a luminous radiant glow, while the slickness of the oil deeply hydrated, leaving our skin feeling super-soft."
Heat magazine
"Get a golden glow. This luxe ingredient also stimulates skin cells on a deeper level, which has multiple benefits, including fewer blemishes and blurred wrinkles. And skin will be more even-toned, letting it glow.”
Best magazine

We love seeing new online reviews from our customers, here’s what they are saying;

"Gold in a bottle! A small drop mixed in with my moisturizer, and my face is smooth & glowing!" Monica M

"Amazing product. I am using 24k face oil.. and I love it. I have sensitive skin but this is absolutely perfect and my skin is glowing." Hermina S

"My wife loves this. And I’m not kidding...her skin looks positively glowing after just a few weeks of use." David G

"This product is amazing. I have dry skin with lots of dry patches on my face, put this oil before going to bed, sometimes I use it on it’s own or before my night cream and I wake up with wonderful glowy skin." Viktorija Z

Thanks to the skincare properties of Mānuka Honey, this is one of our best selling products. Clinically proven to nourish skin and seal in moisture, leaving skin glowingly soft and healthy looking.

Formulated with 24K Gold, Manuka Honey and precious plant oils this luxurious facial oil visibly brightens, firms and hydrates whilst leaving skin naturally radiant.

One of the easiest ways to bring an instant visible radiance back to skin is by using the Manuka Doctor 24K Gold & Manuka Honey Face Oil, our best facial oil for dull skin. Formulated with real 24K Gold, the subtle gold shimmer gently illuminates skin to highlight facial contours and give a silken sheen.

Not only that, the 24K Gold is also renowned for its age-defying properties. Skin dryness is one of the main causes of dull skin and the 24K gold actually helps to lock in moisture to keep skin firm by maintaining collagen and inhibiting the breakdown of elastin.

Designed for all skin types, we’ve also added ultra-hydrating New Zealand Mānuka Honey to our 24K Gold & Manuka Honey Face Oil. Mānuka Honey is a natural humectant that draws in moisture from the air and is a powerful elastin booster, whilst precious plant oils including Cranberry, Baobab and Marula deeply hydrate, condition and protect giving skin a healthy radiance.

After cleansing, dispense a few drops onto fingertips and gently massage in well to the face and neck until absorbed. Use morning and night under your day or night cream. Can also be mixed into your day or night cream and applied.

An independent clinical trial of 30 women aged 35 to 64 analysed their experience with 24K Gold & Manuka Honey Face Oil and its effects in two parts; 10 minutes after the initial product application and after 4 weeks of regular use.

Overall, 24K Gold & Manuka Honey Face Oil was rated very favourably in visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines (long-term) and creating a radiant, revitalized, even appearance (short and long-term).

Asked about perceived effects 10 minutes after the initial application the great majority of subjects confirmed their skin after application to appear nourished (90%), smooth (90%), revitalized (73%) and radiant (77%), their complexion to appear even (70%) and their skin to feel firmer (70%) and well moisturized (90%). Majorities additionally confirmed after application their skin to appear brighter (60%), their complexion to appear more homogeneous (57%) and their skin to appear younger-looking (53%).

After 28 days of regular use the great majority confirmed their skin after using the product to appear nourished (93%), smooth (93%), revitalized (83%) and radiant (87%), after using 24K Gold & Manuka Honey Face Oil for this period of time, fine lines appeared reduced (70%), their complexion appeared even (80%), their skin felt well moisturized (93%).

In addition to these benefits, the women in the trial confirmed that after using 24K Gold & Manuka Honey Face Oil for 28 days, wrinkles appeared reduced (63%), their skin appeared brighter (63%), their complexion to appear more homogeneous (60%), their skin to feel firmer (67%), facial contours to look more defined (53%), their skin to appear younger-looking (60%).