Your Essential Guide to Night-Time Skincare

What are the key differences between a day cream and a night cream?

Day creams tend to have protective properties to defend your skin against pollution or light whereas night creams are more restorative to repair your skin from any damage caused during the day. The Manuka Doctor Overnight Mask for example, contains naturally exfoliating Nopal plant to help speed up the skin’s natural exfoliation process and regenerate new skin for a glowing complexion. This type of product is good for people concerned with pigmentation or scarring.

Why are night creams often heavier in texture?

Night creams can be richer in texture and brimming with potent reparative extracts to feed your skin such as peptides and vitamins. One particularly impressive ingredient is Hyaluronic acid, which can hold up to a thousand times its own weight in water, making it brilliant for hydrating the skin. The Manuka Doctor Night Cream contains Hyaluronic acid along with many other rich nourishing ingredients such as Aloe Vera, to revive skin overnight.

Why should I use a night-time mask instead of a traditional night cream?

If your skin requires special treatment whilst you’re sleeping, then a hard-working mask will do the trick. Too much sugar in your diet can be responsible for a process called glycation which can affect collagen, resulting in a loss of skin elasticity. Glycation also causes free radical formation, oxidative stress and inflammation, all of which accelerate ageing. Sugar is also a powerful dehydrating agent which can make your skin look dull and lacklustre, adding to those unwanted dark circles around your eyes. The Manuka Doctor Overnight Mask contains Glycerin and Albizia Julibrissin Bark which helps to reawaken a tired and dull looking complexion by protecting and repairing the protein structures damaged by glycation, which in turn promotes the visible reduction of dark circles, under eye bags, a dull complexion and drawn features.

Winner of Best Miracle Night Cream in the prestigious Notebook Beauty Awards, the Manuka Doctor Overnight Mask proves it truly is award winning with glowing feedback…

"This cream blew the competition out of the water, with testers loving the immediate as well as the long term effects. Words like fresher, radiant and glowing came up over and over, as well as that holy grail of night cream compliments: just not looking so darn tired.”
Sunday Mirror
“This is a facelift in a jar! I have a deep line between my eyebrows – at first I didn’t think it was making a difference but after two weeks it was greatly reduced. After four, it’s still there but not noticeable at all. My fine wrinkles seemed to have gone or at least are very fine for now.”
  Tracey Quine

Why does a lack of sleep increase signs of ageing?

While you sleep the regeneration process can be up to three times faster than during the day so if you’re missing out on vital hours, your skin will too. The sleep hormone melatonin begins to rise a few hours before bedtime, increasing the skin’s ability to repair itself at night. As well as making us sleepy, melatonin works to counteract damage to the skin during the day from UV and pollution. Sleep deprivation is also known to impair insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance, which means that glycation (dark circles, loss of elasticity & dull skin) is more likely. Make sure you are getting a minimum six to eight hours of sleep per night. If you struggle to get off to sleep, make sure you turn off all electrical devices at least two hours before bed, avoid alcohol and coffee and try a Lavender scented mask to help you drift off, such as the Manuka Doctor Overnight Mask, the soothing natural fragrance is incredibly aromatherapeutic. 

I’ve noticed my skin becoming particularly dry especially during the cold winter months, what type of product should I look for?

Formulations packed with nourishing natural ingredients can deliver an intensive dose of conditioning nutrients especially beneficial during the winter. If your skin is particularly dry and dehydrated, try something thick and nourishing like the Manuka Doctor Night Cream. A cocktail of Manuka honey, nut butters, oils and extracts 'lock in' moisture and promote skin strength and elasticity so you’ll wake up with skin that looks plumped and rejuvenated.

My skin is congested and acne prone, what should I use at night?

Try something lightweight and detoxifying. The Manuka Overnight Mask helps to regulate and battle breakouts as it soothes and strengthens stressed-out and reactive skin types.

But at the end of the day, there's no reason not to use your favourite day lotion at night-time, as long as you’re feeding your skin with precious ingredients and hydration, that is the key to healthy skin.